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    OOTB features, limitations and Customization Options for...
    Topic posted December 9, 2018 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged API / Integration, Capacity / Quota, Collaboration, Configuration, Dashboard / Reporting, Dispatch Functionally, Inventory / Parts, Learning / Statistics, Mapping, Mobility / Mobile Apps, Resource Management, Routing / Optimization 
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    OOTB features, limitations and Customization Options for Field Service
    What are the customization options available for Field Service

    I am trying to evaluate Oracle field service cloud for the out of the box functionalities, its limitations and customization options. So far i know following:


    • Activity Setup & Management
    • Inventory & Resource setup
    • Forecasting
    • Routing rules
    • Mobile application
    • Notifications ability

    Customizations :

    No real customization option available other than plugin which is just like calling outbound webservice.


    • Limited to 04 entities only.
    • Cannot define custom entity
    • Cannot mention which services items technician is going to deploy on the customer site (e.g. Activity to Service Items relation: 1:M)
    • Cannot write script behind custom buttons

    Dear experts, please can you extend the list and also make corrections of mine? thanks





    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Adam,

      No offense, but IMO this topic is pontles. A single post isn't able to hold all good and bad things about this kind of complex software. Not even a many years usage can make a good starting point while OFSC is constantly evolving.
      For example I think activity screen are very flexible, because we can put any information into the screens as we want (tabs, groups, RO or RW, colors and so on). I also din't get why those Resource Tree entity types isn't enough, but you can make an Idea Lab post anytime related to this.


    • Adam

      Hi Zsolt,

      Thank you for your honest feedback :)

      I am just starting on Field Service implementation. I am going through the documentation as well but expert opinion like yours is great source of knowledge. So on the very abstract level i want to know OFS strength and weakness as per what is available OOTB and what we can create new. For example, we have a requirement to include service items which a field technician is going to use to provide services to the customer and will charge on hourly basis. An activity can have multiple service items that will be coming from Sales Cloud. Please note that service items are not inventories. But we cannot have 1:M relationship between Activity and service items.

    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Adam,

      We can do most customization via plug ins. I would say that you should first understand what we have in OFSC available. The things that you find restrictions in the start will eventually get resolved as this application gets updated 4 times a year and it is much easy to maintain and run on a global scale.

      For customization queries you can raise separate threads if already not answered in the forum.



    • Chris Phillips

      Do you not have support from Oracle Consultants when implementing Oracle within your business? Some time with them would give you an awful lot of understanding. Additionally there is loads of educational material on the Oracle University learning subscription,track:18518

      I've spent the last year and a half helping to implement OFSC in my own organisation, and i feel like i'm only just scratching the surface of what is possible. There's a huge amount of customisation within OFSC itself, not to mention possibilities through API methods, and third party plug ins (although we haven't yet explored the latter). 


      I agree with Zsolt though, there wont be much value of people commenting on limitations of OFSC on here, any genuine limitations you do find, i'd suggest posting a discussion topic for those individually to see if anyone in the community has a suggestion on how they have solved a similar challenge, if not you can submit the post to the ideas lab to try and influence Oracle's product roadmap. With quarterly updates now, theres constant new functionality coming in, so what you may not have today, you could have in future if it is a well sought after and legitimate requirement.


    • Adam

      Thanks Hardik and Chris.

      Yes I agree and thats the purpose of the post to have very abstract idea for OOTB and customization options.