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    Jon Kelly
    Contract approval history no longer expanded by default
    Topic posted August 6, 2019 by Jon KellySilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Financials, Fusion 
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    Contract approval history no longer expanded by default

    Not a major issue, but curious about making the approval history section on a contract expanded by default. With 19C, it is no longer expanded by default. Is this controlled through a setting, or built into the system design and unable to change? 





    • Carol Robinson

      Hi Jon,

      The History page is a heavy page with Versions / Status Changes / Approval History / Signature History all in one. Not everyone would want to look at the approval history all the time and potentially incur extra time to load. There is complex logic to check whether the tasks are purged and show against archival schema vs render the approval history from the human workflow. To avoid this performance overhead, we left it to be clicked-on-demand.



      • Jon Kelly

        Hi, Carol,

        Thanks for the update. I definitely understand the page already has a lot of information on it, however this isn't just leaving it to be "clicked-on-demand" because it currently doesn't require the click in 19B. This is a change for our users, which always tends to cause a bit if frustration on their part when they've been using it a certain way. That's why I was hoping there was a system option to make it expanded by default, or to have it "sticky" to the last user selection. In testing, our users are frustrated that it is no longer expanded. Are you saying this will be the new norm going forward? I appreciate your time!