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    jennifer casper
    Expenditure Comments from OTL to projects
    Topic posted June 1, 2018 by jennifer casper, tagged Capital Projects, Project Costing, Project Management 
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    Expenditure Comments from OTL to projects

    Currently in EBS, SQL was written to bring expenditure comment and Project Work comments from timecard into Projects. How does this work in fusion? Do the timecard comments interface to projects form EAM timecard and a projects timecard?

    Note: We use the EBS standard process PRC: Transaction Import using parameter Oracle Time and Labor which creates the projects interface table (PA_EXPENDITURE_ITEMS_ALL).  Since the Oracle EBS standard interface does not pull over user comments from OTL, we have used the client extension provided by Oracle and created custom concurrent process to pull comments from OTL (HXC_TIME_ATTRIBUTES.ATTRIBUTE4) to project comments table (PA_EXPENDITURE_COMMENTS) for each corresponding project expenditure item related to payroll.



    • Liam Boyd


      Fusion Time and Labor allows a user a capture both header summary and line level detail comments when creating time entries. 

      Project related time entries can subsequently be imported in Project Costing for further processing, generating expenditure items for each time entry.

      Only the time card comments associated with the line level details are imported into Project Costing. They are available for the Project Manager/Project Accountant to view in the Manage Project Costs page.


    • jennifer casper

      Thanks for the information.  Will the comments also come in that are associated with the work order time card?