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    Brandon Ray
    "Reply All" functionality?
    Topic posted June 30, 2017 by Brandon Ray 
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    "Reply All" functionality?

    Hello! We have a very strong business need to implement some "reply all" functionality. Essentially, we have clients that are CCing multiple coworkers when sending incidents to our Service Cloud environment, and currently we have to manually search through the email header to copy & paste all of the CC'd addresses and manually add them all as contacts.

    Another work-around I could envision would be a custom script that parses through incoming emails, isolates unique "TO" and "CC" addresses, checks to see if they exist in the contact database and then adds them as existing/new contacts to the incident. Unfortunately, our team does not have the Service Cloud/PHP expertise to implement this.

    Has anyone implemented the above workaround, or know of a way to solve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!



    • Danette Beal

      Hi Brandon,

      I do know some partners who have implemented something similar to this via development and customization. Hopefully one of them will chime in here. I'm going to move this to the development forum for better visibility with that group.


      Danette, Community Manager

    • Bastiaan van der Kooij

      Hey Brandon,

      we have a custom solution for this which allows you to do this. Contact me via PM if you're interested.

      CX Builders

    • Danette Beal

      HI All,

      I see there is a down vote on Basitiaan's comment. I want to address this as typically we do not allow direct solicitation on the forum boards. In this case, I do know hat customization is needed and opened the discussion up for partner feedback. In my opinion (and please share your thoughts otherwise), this essentially gives our go ahead to post your partner info and experience.

      Additionally, I know in the past I've been very critical of direct solicitation. However, Bastiaan is a proven steward of the forum boards and has on many occasion spent quite a bit of time helping out the rest of the community with their answers. In most cases, I do not believe many people realize Bastiaan is a partner and most assume he works directly for Oracle. He's THAT good! smiley He doesn't dive bomb the community to promote his company only, he helps everyone, quite a bit.

      I encourage anyone who has reply all experience to chime in!

      Thanks Bastiaan!!!

      Danette, Community Manager

    • Shreyas Pandhari

      Hello Brandon,

      I can surely give you heads up on building a custom solution. I have implemented the custom solution for exactly same requirement and it is working seamlessly without any issues and without manual intervention. Hope this will help you to build your own custom solution.

      There are two ways you can build this custom solution #1) CPM and #2) Add-in. However, considering the trigger points for this requirement I feel CPM is the most suitable way to achieve so I went ahead with CPM route. And I am not going to mention the trigger points here as it may vary requirement to requirement, you can call CPM on every incident create/update or you can call it via workspace rules based on certain condition.

      Step 1: Use alternate email custom field to capture CC, BCC email addresses. Exact parameters to create this field are given here. Refer to the section with heading "Adding a custom field for an alternate email address".

      Step 2: As you must be aware, every incident has a thread associated with it. Thread can be referred by accessing Thread object in the context of the open incident. Thread contains message thread which also include mail header. If customer has raised an incident by sending an email to the contact center (keeping several folks in CC and BCC), mail header will contain following details: To, CC, BCC, Subject, Date and Time of email (not necessarily in the same sequence as mentioned here so parsing logic should take care of the situation if header field sequence changes as it may change due to various factors e.g. change in the instance : prod site may have different header structure than your test site, different mail servers). Here you are just concerned about fetching the CC and BCC email addresses.

      Step 3: Mail header is to be parsed to get CC and BCC values. Best bet will be to use regular expressions as it will minimize your CPM code length and will be the optimum way for parsing and fetching the exact values. After fetching the email ids make sure you add comma (,) between two email ids.

      Step 4: Store all email ids extracted from the mail header into alternateemail custom field created in Step1.

      The benefit of using alternateemail custom field as recommended in Step1 is, it allows end-users the ability to enter additional email addresses to the incident. Also, benefit of this approach is, you NEED NOT to add CCd or BCCd folks as contacts in the system and everything can be handled within the code by directly storing email addresses in the custom field.

      Hope this helps..