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    Luc Bors
    How to include local node package in custom API
    Topic posted September 27, 2018 by Luc BorsRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited September 27, 2018, tagged API, Mobile 
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    How to include local node package in custom API
    Need to add a local node package to custom API

    Hi All,

    I developer a custom API for AMCe and that one is using a local node package that contains some utilities. How do I include it in my custom API so it is deployed properly using omce-deploy ?

    This is the situation: Custom API depends on my utilities package.

    Utilities package's package.json contains :  "name": "eproseed-js-utils", 

    When using it locally, it can refer to it in my API's package.json as follows:

    "dependencies": {
        "eproseed-js-utils": "file:eproseed-js-utils"}

    However, when using omce-deploy, this (obviously) does not work. Runtime cannot find my utils package. I am not "willing" to install my package in a 'global' or 'private' npm repo. Is there any way to make this work? 


    NOTE: As it is a rather simple utils package, for now I copied the js file to my API and refer to that one as a workaround. The question remains how I would make this a reusable package that I can reference.



    • Frank Nimphius


      can you confirm that issuing npm install would add your local file to the NODE folder of the package? And that if you run, npm pack that this will then contain it? The way I see it is that you copied the module into the project relative to the package.json file. Not sure the file: reference is intended for this as the feature is referred to as for development and local testing. So my assumption is that it is not properly deployed.

      Anyway, if you can try npm install and npm pack then I then we are wiser. If the two work and copy your module to the module folder, then the tooling should as well in which case it would be a ER


    • Emily Klassen

      When you use `npm pack`, you need to include the dependency in the `bundledDependencies` array in the package.json for it to be included in the packaged file.

      You can add this automatically when you install the package with `npm install --save --save-bundle <dependency>`. See

    • Frank Nimphius


      thanks for the hint. However this is not needed. The local container actually looks at the package.json file and then installs all the dependencies. This may take a bit upon deployment but keeps the tgz file small.


      Of course, you can improve the deployment by providing all dependencies to the tgz file. But then the file would be massive.



    • Emily Klassen

      Ah. In MCS, with the zip file, all dependencies needed to be included, so I had assumed it was the same, as we are just switching to the new platform. Thanks!

    • Emily Klassen

      However, in Oracle Mobile Hub (OMH), packaging all of the dependencies is still required