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    Carol Fergusson
    AR-856366 - Doc ID 2231442.1 - Unable to Create Credit Memo...
    Topic posted May 24, 2019 by Carol FergussonGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Financials, Receivables 
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    AR-856366 - Doc ID 2231442.1 - Unable to Create Credit Memo - Bill-To Site Invalid
    Error AR-856366 appears when trying to credit credit memo for existing invoice; Documentation solution doesn't appear to be accurate for 19B Cloud


    A user is trying to create a credit memo for an existing invoice but is getting error message AR-856366 The customer Bill-To site you selected is invalid. They didn't select the bill-to site - It is on the invoice record but the information was updated since the invoice was created. I replicated the error message in test and Oracle would not allow me to cancel from the screen or exit without closing the tab.

    I found Doc ID 2231442.1 which documents the problem and solution but it's from two years ago and the instructions refer to options that I haven't been able to locate or error out when selected.

    Has anybody had this issue / error message? Do you have a workable solution for 19B Cloud environment?

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    • Matthew Lawrence

      We have faced a similar issue.  The workaround we used was to manually create a Credit Memo via Billing > Tasks > Create Transaction.  Transaction Class = Credit Memo and the Transaction Type was one we had configured to be a credit memo.  Made sure to include support on the credit memo with notes/attachments.  All the other details would be the inverse of the original invoice.  Then we created a $0.00 receipt and referenced both the invoice and credit memo to close the transactions.  I hope that helps.  Thanks!

    • Brian Wolfe


      You may also wish to consider using Apply Credit Memo instead of a zero amount receipt.

      User to create an On-Account Credit Memo for the desired amount
      Go to Receivable Balances > Apply Credit Memo
      Search for the Credit Memo
      Edit and 'Add Open Receivable'
      Select the Transaction which the user intends to credit and Save.