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    Rich Lines
    'Withdrawn: Approve Purchase Order' email...
    Topic posted September 10, 2018 by Rich LinesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Fusion, How-To, Notifications, Setup 
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    'Withdrawn: Approve Purchase Order' email notifications
    I am seeking guidance on how to disable these notifications coming through to approval group members.

    We have recently upgraded to Oracle Fusion R13 (18B). Members of the approval group for purchase orders are now receiving an FYI type email notification when another member of the group approves a PO. The email only comes through 3 x days AFTER the PO was originally approved. These notifications are clogging up our email accounts and we would like to disable.

    Can anybody confirm the steps I need to undertake to stop this notification from being actioned? I do not wish to affect any other notifications that are set up (we do not have notifications set up to inform of PO approval however).

    I believe the task might be 'DocumentApproval'. Within the 'Notifications' tab, I can see that 'Enable Reminder' is checked and the frequency is set as every 3 x days. This would correspond to when we receive these notifications compared to when the PO was approved. Would simply un-ticking this box have the desired effect?

    Many thanks


    Oracle Fusion R13 (version 18B)



    • Ramesh Bomma

      Hi Rich,

      To disable all FYI notifications for cancelled, Open etc..,

      The Document Canceled and Implemented FYI Notifications are sent using same task 'DocumentOpenFyi'.
      We need to enable the 'Ignore Participant' checkbox under the 'DocumentOpenFyi' task configuration.


      • Mark Spinks

        Why is "withdrawn" part of the email notification header when in this case, the PO is being approved? 

        I have a user here who is having the same issue with multiple "withdrawn" emails hitting her inbox.


        Thanks!    Mark - Boise State