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    Matthew Gregory
    Multi-GAAP Dimension
    Topic posted January 17, 2019 by Matthew GregoryGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Administration, Consolidation, Tax Provision 
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    Multi-GAAP Dimension
    I want to use Multi-GAAP Dimension but need guidance

    I want to use the Multi-GAAP Dimension in order to report GAAP and Non-GAAP. I was thinking about utilizing FCCS_Local GAAP as my load point, then creating a new member called "Non-GAAP adjustments". Then using the Multi-GAAP Parent member to view the Non-GAAP numbers(Sum of Local GAAP and Non-GAAP Adjustments). However it seems as though Multi-GAAP does not consolidate its children. What would be the best approach for this?



    • Denitza Krasteva

      You could create a new parent, e.g. Total GAAP and add a shared instance of FCCS_Local GAAP underneath it. Also add a new child for non-GAAP admujstments. See below.

      FCCS_Local GAAP
      Total GAAP
          FCCS_Local GAAP (Shared) (+)
          Non-GAAP Adjustments (+)

      Because FCCS_Local GAAP is an out-of-the-box member it will also show up at the root.