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    collections rest api
    Topic posted October 18, 2018 by Mohan Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Authoring, Content Management, Marketing 
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    collections rest api

    Hi All

    There is collections REST API /documents/api/1.2/collections/items which retrieves list of collections users have access to. It retrieves only default collection and not custom collections created by users. Wanted to understand the way we can retrieve collections using REST APIs for custom campaign implementation use case.

    Thank you.



    • Igor Polyakov

      In December we are releasing Content Management API which will allow you to work with Collection in the Assets area, i.e. you will be able to manage collections of content items and digital assets.

      • Mohan

        Hi Igor

        So if I create a collection now in CEC and publish it, can't we access those collection (assets) using REST API http://myhost/documents/api/1.2/collections/items . Then what's the use of this API which is always returning the default collection details?

        Do we've any way through which collections (content items+assets) can be used/ consumed by external websites / CEC sites?

    • Igor Polyakov

      Collections is an asset management concept so that we do not have plans to expose collections that you create in Assets view via Content Delivery API. Ability to mage collections of assets will be available in the Content Management API that we are releasing in December. The API you are referring to as for files and folders, not assets.