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    Ratna Elete
    How to change the Supplier ( by Buyer) on...
    Topic posted February 27, 2018 by Ratna EleteBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited April 6, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Requisition Web Services, Update Preparer and Requester, White Paper 
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    How to change the Supplier ( by Buyer) on Requisition during the Approval process

    Our current legacy process is requester to put in a requisition for a product without assigning or assigning the supplier and send for approval.

    In the approval process, it has to go to the buyer team to look at the price, supplier and some other tasks.

    Buyer to over-write the price, vendor and continue.

    How does buyer change/assign a  supplier during the approval process, I can do attachments during the approval process, tested and works.

    We are on Cloud R12 and other issue is Manage Requisitions search is also not working, I tried searching based on the requestor and requisition but nothing works.

    Any suggestions/recommendations.






    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Hi Ratna,

      Does it have to be during the approval process?

      If the Requisition gets approved without Supplier, it will show up in the 'Process Requisitions' screen for the buyers to look at anyway.

      From that point in time, they (=buyers) can select the Requisition lines they want (grouping if necessary) and create a Purchase Order for them for the correct Supplier.

      If you want, you can have another round of Approvals at Purchase Order level.


      • Ratna Elete

        Thanks Jim and I was able to assign a supplier at " Process Requisitions" and works fine.

        But during the approval process is when buyer assigns, so I was thinking of " Document Modify" during approval process but will have to explore it further.



    • Ashok


      The issue you raise about Search not working, I would suggest you log an SR and let Support help you (assuming you have not done that already)


    • Ashok

      I see Jim and you have been in conversation. This is great. I did have a specific question on the issue you raised about adding a supplier during the requisition approval process. Have you tried the Approver Edit capability? i.e. the approver (in this case, the buyer) can edit the requisition as part of the approval and subject to the same functionality that is available during the regular Edit Requisition flow, have you checked if your requirement can be met?


    • Ashok

      The ability to add a supplier should be achieved as part of the Process Requisitions flow as Jim has highlighted. Additional support during approval using the Edit feature from the approval notification also exists.