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    Mike Griffiths
    Chat Real-Time table - No joins
    Topic posted April 13, 2015 by Mike GriffithsGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Chat Real-Time table - No joins

    Hello All,

    I was just putting a report together to show agents that are logged into the Console and those that are also logged into Chat (as well as their current status/session count etc.) but I am unable to do this in one report due to the lack of any joins available to the chat_agent_sessions_rt (Chat Agent Sessions - Real Time) table.

    Is there a reason this table has no joins? It surprises me given it records the Account ID/Group and would make sense to join into Accounts so that the details can be pulled into another report if required.




    Nov '14 SP2



    • Ryan

      Mike -

      Short answer is that it's a pseudo table with no primary key (as are all the real time chat tables) - therefore, no joins are available through Analytics.



    • Bhagwan Singh Mer


      Your best bet would be to setup a dashboard with 2 report having a common date filter name.This way you can see logged in agents (in console) and chat through a single date filter period



    • Mike Griffiths

      Ryan> Thank you for the explanation.

      MB> Yes, that is likely my only option, though the reports likely wouldn't line up well (if they were side-by-side) as the site often has 5+ agents logged in but typically only 2 agents available on Chat.