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    Joe Marino
    Supplier Audit History Report
    Topic posted January 15, 2019 by Joe Marino, tagged Audit 
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    Supplier Audit History Report
    Require bank account changes


    Does anyone have or know an audit report that details bank account changes by supplier?




    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Hi Joe,

      Either you can enable the opt in feature to put an approval behind changes done to supplier bank accounts.

      Or you can assign yourself the role of 'Internal Auditor', set up auditing on the Supplier object and monitor changes done to supplier bank accounts 'after the facts'.

      (Manage Audit Policies task -> Oracle Fusion Applications -> Set auditing)


    • Alan

      Outside of a "report", is there a way to see the history of the edits that have been done to a supplier, ON the actual supplier record itself? I think that would be better functionality than having to run a report and audit each time an edit is made. 

      I have used other Procurement systems in which the history of every single touch to the supplier record was shown at the bottom of each supplier record, recording the date, time, user, what was changed, and what the original record was? 

      This is something that I think would be beneficial and useful to everyone that deals with supplier management.



    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Alan,

      You can post this requirement as an idea for us to review. It will be great if you can share business cases too.



      • Alan

        My business case is that I do not want to run a report every single time I need to check on a supplier to see who updated it, what they updated, when they updated it, what the original content was, and what the field was updated to. 

        There should be a "History" at the bottom of every single Supplier Record for us to quickly view from vendor creation to vendor inactive status that captures everything in between.

      • Joe Marino

        Hi Jim

        Either you can enable the opt in feature to put an approval behind changes done to supplier bank accounts

        It would be good if you could only select the change you require. For example updating an existing bank account and not the others - you should be given a choice on what you require to opt for.



      • Alan

        Hi All, 

        Can someone please advise if there is a new white paper for the Implementing Supplier Audit History? It would be nice to have an updated doc showing the fields that we can see.

        Thank you!


      • Alan Ng

        Please review the following post on enabling supplier audit history.

        • Alan

          I've already reviewed that post, I'm just simply recommending that this is something that should be turned-on by default, it does not make sense to have this as an option to be off or on. I think this is something standard across Procurement systems, but needing us to make the decision to turn on Audit History makes no sense, we should be capturing this information from Day 1.

      • Alan

        Also, I'm also noticing that the report is showing fields that are "Updates", but they are not true updates, can someone advise what logic is being used here to determine between Insert & Update?



      • Alan

        Just wanted to follow-up back on this thread.

        In reviewing the Audit History Report, I am noticing that there are 3 Event Types, Object Data Insert, Object Data Update, Object Data Delete.

        Can someone please provide more context on how Oracle dictates which Event Type label is being used and when? I am noticing that when our team onboards a new supplier, there are attributes labeled as "Object Data Update" when it is the first time we are entering this data in the supplier record. So I am wondering, what logic is Oracle using to define what is an Insert vs Update vs Delete.