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    mani rana
    Intelligent barcode scanning to populate multiple fields in...
    Topic posted July 2, 2019 by mani rana, tagged How-To, Inventory Cloud, SCM, Tip 
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    Intelligent barcode scanning to populate multiple fields in SCM cloud using a wedge scanner
    Need ability to extract data out of a 2D bar code/QR and populate multiple fields in SCM cloud transactions using a wedge scanner attached to the PC

    The customer uses different types of barcodes (1d, 2d, QR) and needs to be able to scan during transactions (inventory, receiving, manufacturing, quality, shipping )  and populate the scanned data into applicable fields. Does cloud support that on the desktop pages. The customer does not plan to use Mobile transactions.

    Most common example is -  PO#, Itemcode, UOM, shelf life days, supplier lot#, Country of origin. During PO receipt, the scanned data should get populated into the right fields. The fields to be populated on the form may not be consecutive





    • Patrick Patton

      We are interested in any barcode scanning ability.  We are a new customer implementing and would like to know if middle ware like (RF Smart) or other is used.

    • Piyush Potdar

      Hi Patrick and Mani,

      Barcode setup and scanning using Radio Frequency (RF) guns is a set up that is supported under module: 'Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud Service'. If you have more questions then please log an SR under the module mentioned above.

      Please refer to following KM and sub links on this KM:

      Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Training Labs [Video] (Doc ID 2386299.1)

      Thank you

      Piyush Potdar

      • Patrick Patton

        Thanks Piyush - Is there any of this functionality under the Fusion Inventory Management Cloud Service?  That is where our inventory management resides.



        Thanks again!




    • Piyush Potdar

      Hi Patrick,


      Barcode and RF functions are controlled within logfire application that are supported under Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud Service. Unfortunately these setups are not part of Oracle Fusion Inventory Management Cloud Services.