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    Critical Bug Fix 19C: Requisitions can source Agreements...
    Topic posted June 23, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Requisition Web Services, Tip 
    Critical Bug Fix 19C: Requisitions can source Agreements expiring on system date
    Allowing Agreements expiring on system date to be sourced on Requisitions

    Customers / Support

    This has been a requirement that had previously caused issues for a few customers. This bug fix resolves the issues of disallowing agreements that are still valid as of the system date to be sourced onto requisitions.

    Business Problem:

    This customer used the shopping home page to search for a BPA backed item. In the search results, the system displayed the item and the relevant agreement reference. However, on adding to cart, the auto sourcing process removed the agreement. 


    The design did not consider agreements expiring the same day (end of day). It excluded the current day that resulted in the agreement not being sourced.


    The bug has been resolved. Now, if the user were to use the Enter Requisition Line flow or the Shopping flow, the system will source the agreement that expires on the same day (system date). An agreement is considered valid even if it expires on the system date as it is valid until the end of that date.