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    Melissa Stewart
    Ad hoc PO communication method
    Topic posted December 4, 2018 by Melissa StewartGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To 
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    Ad hoc PO communication method
    How to add an ad hoc PO communication method

    Is it possible to add an ad hoc email address for a PO communication? 

    Example, requisition is created using an order site, which has a default PO communication method. The shopper creating the requisition needs the PO to be communicated to a different email address, different than what is on the supplier site. On the Enter Requisition Line or Request NonCatalog Item, after you select the supplier + site, there is a field labeled Email, when entering an email address in this field, the PO is not sent there but to the communication method associated with the site.

    Is there a simpler way to change the communication method, short of making changes to the supplier site?

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    • Ashok

      You are right. The current process only allows details to flow from the supplier site into the PO. The idea you have proposed here about the ability to modify the email address for the supplier details on the requisition is already registered in the Ideas Lab. Please do visit and cast your vote and provide your business case. 

      Perhaps sending an attachment with these details to the buyer as part of requisition attachments? 

    • Ashok

      This is the idea I was referring to. If you have not already, please add your vote to this one.