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    Mohana Gopal Selvam
    Best Visual Builder Application
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Mohana Gopal SelvamSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, tagged Web 
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    Best Visual Builder Application


    Our customer has license of DCS (Digital Customer Service) & OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud). We have planned to create around 100 pages which is going to accessible by Employees (Not by end user) and we are going to embed this pages in Engagement Cloud (OEC). 

    Which VBCS application is suitable to achieve this use case either DCS or OIC?





    • Shay Shmeltzer

      The two instances of Visual Builder are the same, and you can export/import apps between them.

      The one difference is that the one that is in OIC should be pre-configured with access to the OIC integration and process cloud.

      So what you might want to look at is the licensing terms for each bundle to see which one fits your needs.

    • Mohana Gopal Selvam

      Hi Shay,

      We have planned to develop 10 Customer facing pages (Customer Portal) & 100 Employee facing pages (Employee Portal). Customer portal pages needs to integrate with OEC & DBCS. Employee portal needs to integrate with OEC & DBCS as well. 

      Kindly suggest which one is (OIC / DCS) suitable to fit the above requirement.