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    Item Attribute that defines whether an Item is Purchaseable
    Topic posted June 5, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 17, 2018, tagged Create Requisition, FAQ, Tip 
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    Item Attribute that defines whether an Item is Purchaseable
    What Item Attribute identifies an item as Purchasable for Requisitioning?

    When searching for items in the Shopping page, one customer recently had a question on how the system identifies items that are purchasable. There are two attribute in PIM entitled Purchasable and Purchased. Which is used by the system for requisitioning purposes.

    Answer: The attribute that the system checks for the purposes of Requisitioning is the attribute entitled 'Purchasable'. The attribute entitled 'Purchased' simply signifies if this item can be purchased, whereas the attribute entitled 'Purchasable' is what determines if the master item is currently eligible for procurement. That is the attribute used to bring back the item in the Shopping Home page as part of search results. 



    • MANISH S

      Hello Ashok,

      Yes, 'Purchased' attribute can be enabled for the item intended to be purchased and 'Purchasable' can be enabled only after enabling the first one. If it is required to temporarily disable and item for purchasing then we can do it by disabling 'Purchasable' attribute.