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    Brian Somers
    Saving Rules\Scripts in Calc Manager
    Topic posted May 14, 2019 by Brian SomersRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged PBCS 
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    Saving Rules\Scripts in Calc Manager
    With the 19.05 we cannot save any rules or scripts in Calc Manager in the Dev instance. Saving in the pre 19.05 instance is still ok.

    Hi all, have just noticed that any scripts, rules etc... that I update in Calc Manager (PBCS) are not being saved in Dev. When I save I get a confirmation to say that the rule\script has saved but the changes are not there when I close and go back in. All is still ok in Prod so I am thinking it is related the the 19.05 release. Has anyone seen this or can help?




    • Matt Treml

      Not seeing this in our instance though we are in EPBCS. Have you logged an SR?

    • Mansi Gaur

      We have had the same issue with our DEV PBCS pods. We have raised an SR and Oracle said they will be releasing an additional patch. I do not have the timelines on that one though. Should be soon.

      So, I would suggest raising an SR from your end too.

    • Tino Tarantino

      Confirm with earlier response from Matt.  We are also on not seeing this issue on EPBCS 19.05.55.   I would assume that PBCS/EPBCS share the same code line when comes to shared components like Calc Manager but this is only an assumption on my part.

    • Tuan-Anh M. Nguyen

      We are having the same issue in test environments. BRs will update but not scripts. We are exporting the script, updating, and importing back in.

    • Ross Martin


      We are also experiencing this behavior. I have also filed a bug with Oracle and spoken with folks on their internal development/CEAL team whom are aware of this. There are currently 2 workarounds we are leveraging:

      1. Open an object (rule) that contains the sub-object (script) you are trying to update; then modify/save the script from there
      2. Export, modify, and import the underlying XML file via migration manager


    • Brian Somers

      Thanks all, there was a rollout yesterday (version 19.05.57). The issue is resolved for me now. Thanks again for all your comments.