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    Dave Dengate
    Excel downloads treating negatives numbers as Text
    Topic posted November 21, 2017 by Dave DengateBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables, Public Sector 
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    Excel downloads treating negatives numbers as Text
    Excel downloads treating negatives numbers as Text

    When downloaded Invoice details to Excel, Credit Note Values (I.e. –‘ive numbers) and being exported as ‘Text’ this is causing problems in users attempt to ‘Sum’ the Amount column. 

    This is occurring with all our excel downloads irrespective of which area of fusion we are in (E.g. Financials, Payables, etc).



    • Jon Hayes

      Hi Dave,

      There is a bug that occurred recently whereby it is prefixing value cells with an apostrophe. The one we raised was for exporting from Balance Inquiry screens - this was before we realised it was all exports: Bug 27012520 : ISSUE WITH EXPORTING TO EXCEL FROM INQUIRE ON DETAIL BALANCES

      We've just been advised to use Find & Replace in Excel for now (find ', replace with null) - I notice the bug is severity 1, but no ETA.

      Kind Regards,


      • Dave Dengate


        Thanks for the prompt reply, we have raised it as a SR, Oracle response was :-

        Development team has confirmed that this is not a bug but intentional behavior due to a security vulnerability called "CSV formula injection". 
        Please see the link below: 
        Workaround.. Post export.. replace ' to blank appearing in that column. 

        For us this is not a practical work around.


    • Jon Hayes

      Ahh, okay - they're 2 separate issues.

      Ours is that it is adding apostrophes to all values, which is especially bad in Balance Inquiry screens. This is confirmed as a bug.

      The other issue that you mention is it adding apostrophes to negative values, which Support have said isn't a bug.

      I was confusing the 2 as they're both happening to us!

      Kind Regards,


    • Jennifer Bruce

      Hi Jon


      Yes, we've got the problem on the inquire on detailed balances screen too - wonder if its worth us raising a SR for this issue too to get a bit more weight behind the bug?