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    Durgaprasad Mohapatro
    FYI..Timesheet imported to closed project
    Topic posted October 7, 2019 by Durgaprasad MohapatroSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited October 9, 2019 
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    FYI..Timesheet imported to closed project
    FYI..New transactions are created in closed project

    Please review and let me know if you are also facing same issue. And your thoughts.

    1. Timecard for week 8/10/19 - 8/16/19 is submitted for approval on 9/9/19
    2. Project is closed on 9/19/19 (Timecard is still pending for approval)
    3. Timecard is approved on 9/26/19
    4. Import cost ran on 9/26/19 -> Creates EIs for the timecard in the closed project

    Below were our thoughts:

    As far as standard validations go during import,
    In EBS, these 4 are done , as per EBS project costing user guide (i donot find any mention of this type of detail in Fusion user guide)
    1. Project and Task Dates
    2. Task chargeability
    3. Project Status
    4. Transaction Control
    So, We were under the impression that, In Fusion, Also same validations happen. But, we were confirmed by Oracle, it is a different design in Fusion.

    So our question to Oracle PM, was,

    If a project is in closed status, Will transactions be created via Import cost process in the project?

    Since As per definition of closed status, no new transactions are allowed to create.



    • Durgaprasad Mohapatro

      Our concern is,

      How it is creating a NEW transaction in a CLOSED project?

      As per the definition of CLOSED status, NO NEW transaction is allowed to create.

      What we are talking about is the fundamental functionality of project costing.

      It is the same way in GL period close status. Then what is the difference. We can have journals flowing to CLOSED GL periods by this Logic.

      Flexibility is always welcome, but NOT in the expense of a severe Bug.

      Yes. We can switch the revalidate button. But, it is not going to hide the fact that the issue is still there.

      Enabling Revalidation is a workaround. But, Creating a new transaction in a closed project is a BUG and it should be treated like that.


      So, Bottom Line is :

      Even if your project is closed, if you have any pending transactions, those will be imported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!frown Bye Bye Project Status validation....cheeky

    • Durgaprasad Mohapatro

      Created an enhancement request, for a Bug.cheeky

      Idea number: 5EF47EAF68

    • Durgaprasad Mohapatro