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    Robert Pastijn
    TLS 1.1 desupport test options
    Topic posted April 12, 2019 by Robert Pastijn, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Packaging & Licensing, Reporting 
    TLS 1.1 desupport test options
    Partner is looking for test environment to investigate TLS 1.1 issues

    Partner APRO in NL (EMEA) has issues connecting their application to Oracle BI. Apparently we have changed (on domain level) the TLS restrictions to desupport anything lower than TLS 1.2. This had a major impact on the partners application (basically halted it). Customer has worked with Oracle to revert the change but in a few weeks the change will be applied again. Partner is looking for a BI environment to validate their application to the new situation and perhaps some assistance with this.


    1. Do we have a partner team like DB-Dev PTS team that assists partners in validation against BI Cloud
    2. What are the options for the partner to get a temporary BI environment for validation purposes

    Any information is welcome. Current running SRs are (Sev1) 3-19773268321 : Fusion SaaS TLS Issue, connecting from weblogic to BI not working after TLS upgrade and (Sev2) 3-19815997741 : Fusion SaaS TLS Issue, Create testing environment for TLSv.1.1 support.

    Kind regards,
    Robert Pastijn