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    Abhinav Kumar
    Topic posted August 20, 2019 by Abhinav KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Integration, Mapping 
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    By listing from FTP adapter, I got several filenames. I want to read any one file.



    • Mani

      You might want to elaborate the problem/use case. It is not clear from your statement 

    • Abhinav Kumar

      While doing list file for certain file pattern, I got this response from the list file.

      <ListFileResponse xmlns=""> <ListResponse xmlns=""> <position>1566209460000</position> <ItemCount>2</ItemCount> <FileList> <File> <directory>/ftlint/inbound/financial/tenv6/activedir</directory> <filename>Test1.csv</filename> <lastModifiedTime>1566209400000</lastModifiedTime> <creationTime>0</creationTime> <size>11454</size> </File> <File> <directory>/ftlint/inbound/financial/tenv6/activedir</directory> <filename>Test2.csv</filename> <lastModifiedTime>1566209460000</lastModifiedTime> <creationTime>0</creationTime> <size>860</size> </File> </FileList> </ListResponse></ListFileResponse>

      From this response, I want to read only one file name. I have directly mapped this filename to Read File in FTP adapter. As a result, both the file names got mapped. I want only one file name to process.

      • Mani

        Have a for loop to iterate the response of list operation. inside for loop, you can add a Switch to code a condition on which to process file.

      • Kanchankumar Khedkar

        if your requirement is to read any one file you can use the axis specifier.

        e.g. /ListOfResponse/ListResponse/FileList/File[1]/filename 

        This will always pick first file in response.