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    How to create Stand alone Address in OEC ?
    Topic posted October 23, 2018 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Configuration and Administration, Integration, Setup and Configuration, UX 
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    How to create Stand alone Address in OEC ?
    To create addresses that are stand alone ie not related to any account or contact

    Dear Team,

    Could you clarify the following?

    I understand by data model Fusion supports stand alone address (Location) and related address (party sites) and when I create a party site (ie through Account or Contact) the address is filled in both the tables (Location and PArty sites). 

    But do we have a way to create an address in Location and then reuse wherever applicable?  Like when I create an Account can I find the existing addresses (from location) and add whichever address is applicable?

    I find an object called Address in app composer which is stand alone object but doesn't have a page on its own to create stand alone address.






    • Reghu

      Any body who could help with this?


      My requirement is to create an address DCL on Service Request (pointing to locations) currently if I create address its pointing to Account party sites.