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    Trisha Hunt
    Supplier Setup Standards
    Topic posted July 11, 2019 by Trisha HuntGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Supplier Setup Standards
    We are looking for guidance on supplier setup standards, specifically around what data to capture and how to enter it.

    Examples of some specific items we are looking at are:

    • enter data in all upper case?
    • naming conventions for sites
    • how hotel/motel chains are set up (separate suppliers vs supplier with applicable sites)
    • etc.




    • Becky Alvarez

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    • Alan Rowland

      Trisha, I seen both upper case and proper case used for the supplier names.  Functionally there's no really no impact; it looks strange on reports and queries if there's no consistency.   Also keep in mind that it affects how your suppliers view you; their name will appear on checks, PO's, the supplier portal, 1099's, etc.  Some organizations are sensitive to this; others are not.

      I've seen a variety of naming conventions.  They usually taken one of two approaches; city name (e.g. BOSTON, CHICAGO) or purpose (e.g. PAYABLES, PURCHASING, MAIN).  Whatever is easiest for your AP department and buyers should drive the decision.

      As far as hotel chains, etc. go I've usually seen the "Is it a different supplier?" question answered by the response to another question "Do they have the same or different TIN?"  If it's a different TIN then it's a different supplier.  If it's the same TIN then it may or may not be the same supplier.  In R13 you are able to have multiple suppliers with the same TIN.  You can always use relationships to help with payments.  You can use relationships or other fields to help with reporting.