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    Graham Sawell
    Check out the new forms functionality - It's great
    Topic posted April 26, 2019 by Graham SawellBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged API / Integration, Configuration, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    Check out the new forms functionality - It's great
    Quick overview of some of the things I've been playing with. Would be great to see what others have done!

    If you haven't got stuck into the functionality of the new form logic that came with 19A yet, it's well worth it!

    Just finished up a small development for a client where I wanted to back out my custom plugin development and make full use of it, and it's worked flawlessly. The technicians are now able to draw, sketch, comment and generally enhance the data volume and quality of site data they capture without hardware or connectivity limitations.

    I re-purposed the signature capture as a 'sketch' pad for back-of-the-cigarette-packet drawing, and I love the new draw on photo feature, modelled by Toy Story 4 and my awe-struck daughter! With a small ICS integration, I was able to poll the subscription and move the valuable data into OSvC for > 90 day retention, and with a DBaaS replication to OAC we can even do sentiment and clustering analysis on the measurable data captured. Oracle Cloud has never felt more connected.

    Hopefully, we'll get some feature detection ML in OAC in the future and then who knows what we could do with all of those images!

    Attached some shots of it in action




    • Adam

      For ICS, what kind of event you used to capture the form submit?

    • shankar

      Hi Graham, I am not sure if I am following. Does the plugin allow us to expose forms and built customization on top of it?

    • Chris Phillips

      Hi Graham,

      I've been reviewing the documentation regarding Forms, and im trying to understand how it might be possible to amend an existing form or essentially copying a form and resubmitting it.

      I can see that records are saved in the form history when a form is submitted with all of the entries but they are not editable. I was also wondering if it was possible to "copy" a form, or save the previous entries which can then be resubmitted or amended. Again what i've read in the documentation is that the values will always be blank when a new form is submitted.


      Do you know if there is a way around this directly in OFSC or do I need to look at plug ins/APIs as an alternative?

      • Graham Sawell

        Hi Chris,

        I had a similar issue; the way I navigated around it is to bind the property to the activity rather than using just form properties alone. This way it will still trigger the formSubmitted event and include your associated activity fields, but the values in the fields will also persist in the activity (and when you open the form), rather than only being captured on the snapshots.

        The snapshots that you see in form history are fixed, there's no way to edit once submitted, but I've found that doesn't necessarily matter so long as you can go back into the form and tweak the persisted values and re-submit.

        I hope that makes sense. If not/if you want to see it in action, Alex has my details, happy to show you over a webex.



    • Chris Phillips
      Thanks Graham That makes sense. I've not explored forms in too much detail yet but I'll mock something up and if I hit any barriers I'll give you a shout. The conversation has sprung from a requirement Alex is looking in to anyway so he will I'm sure be involved at some point too!
    • Lieuwe Wondaal

      Hi Graham,


      How did you add those icons on the buttons of the tasks? (the safety glasses, checkbox, camera, pencil & chaticon)