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    Linda Stelling
    Analysis Column Properties - Data Format query
    Topic posted October 14, 2015 by Linda StellingBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Analyses, OTBI, Report Output, Reports 
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    Analysis Column Properties - Data Format query
    How can we format the font when text is treated as HTML

    Hi All

    Is anyone able to shed any light on how to format HTML data output please? I am reporting out the comments on a performance document and originally, left to the default data format, it was showing all the markup codes etc. I have changed the Data Format in the column properties to 'Override Default Data Format' to HTML, but whilst all the coding has gone, the results are showing all sorts of different font styles/sizes etc. I assume this may be down to how the text was input in the peformance document but is there a way to standardise the output in the report?

    Setting the font in the Style tab under Column Properties does not seem to alter this HTML output.

    Many thanks






    • Colin Foyle

      Hi Linda,

      It sounds to me as though the data that contains the HTML also contains changes to Font and Font Size/Styles. Did you take a look at the values of the HTML code before you changed the Override Default Data Format? If you copy one of the fields that contains HTML without changing the default format, and past them into an editor, then save as a file with .htm or .html as the extension, then open it in a browser should show you the formatting that has been coded in the field. 

      I don't think you'd be able to override this formatting as as soon as you set the Override Default Data Format, then the HTML within the field takes presidence (I believe).

      Good luck