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    Cyrille Cailloux
    ATP database Down
    Topic posted February 14, 2019 by Cyrille Cailloux, tagged Transaction Processing 
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    ATP database Down
    ATP database down


    I have a trial for Autonomous Transaction processing database. I did not conect for a few days to my database and when I came back and try to connect, impossible. The database was down! I had to stop it and then start it to be able to connect again. I noticed it when I tried to open the console and then I get the error message "Database not open".

    it wasn't visible from the home page of the database.

    I can notice it as well in the backups as I don't have any backup between 7th and 13th ferbruary! I did not stop the database, it was running.

    any explanation?

    thank you




    • Simon Law

      Hi Cyrille,

      Best to reach out to support, so they can check your account environment to see what the issue was.