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    Michael Locurcio
    New to ODA - The Conversation Designer
    Topic posted August 2, 2019 by Michael LocurcioSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Bots, Conversational AI, Virtual Assistant 
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    New to ODA - The Conversation Designer
    Can't find The Conversation Designer

    I am new to ODA and while reviewing the release notes I read the June release has a conversation designer. I don't see it anywhere in my instance as the documentation says it should be. I did read it was in Beta, is there someone I have to ask to enable it?

    Version 19.1.3-1905041633



    • Mayank Thakore

      Hi Michael,

        The Beta designer feature is available only in Oracle Digital Assistant version 19.1.5.



    • Michael Locurcio

      How do you upgrade the environment? I thought upgrades were automatic.

    • Grant Ronald

      There is a a phased upgrade of instances - you have an option, you could provision a new instance (which should be 19.1.5) - or if you let me know you details I can see about your upgrade schedule - you can email at firstname dot lastname at oracle dot com

      • Michael Locurcio

        Thanks for the reply Grant! I actually tried creating a new instance over the weekend and was able to find the bot designer. 

        Not to get off on a tangent, but does ODA have an easy way to integrate with an existing Webservice?

        • Grant Ronald

          If you check the documentation at and look for CUSTOM COMPONENTS - its relatively simple but does require some node programming in order to implement the service which connects between ODA and your webservice - some of this is boilerplate - alternatively go to and there is a link to some PPTs and a tutorial for backend integration.