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    Lord Rob Shorney
    How To Create A Document From Document Explorer When Saving...
    Topic posted July 16, 2015 by Lord Rob ShorneyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    How To Create A Document From Document Explorer When Saving An Incident

    Good Morning,

    We have a requirement that when an incident is saved a letter needs to be generated and sent to the customer, therefore my question is:

    How can I get service Cliud to generate the document and then email it out to the customer, the document will need to contain data from  the incident.

    Kind Regards

    Rob Shorney

    May 2015



    • Narendra Muttineni


      This can be done by using Message Templates. By using Message Template you can create your template and you can include any type of Incident data in the Message Template.



    • Lord Rob Shorney

      Hi Narendra,

      Thank you for you reply. Would you be able to expand further on how to achieve this via Message Templates.

      Kind Regards

      Rob Shorney