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    Prakash Rajagopal
    Oracle Digital Assistant - No User Messages for Selected...
    Topic posted September 27, 2019 by Prakash Rajagopal, tagged Bots 
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    Oracle Digital Assistant - No User Messages for Selected Options
    Chat Bot Didn't displays the options selected by the users from Provided option.


    We had  Build a Bot and integrated it to a web channel that's been hosted locally using JavaScript Web SDK (bots-client-sdk-js- and the configurations are done as instructed in the  Bots: 16 Adding Intelligent Bots to a Web Channel ( )  All the Custom Components are added to the bot in the Embedded Container.

    In this bot we used System.List components to list a few options to the user. while using the bot in the integrated website we encountered an issue where selecting the options shown by the bot is not been reflected in the user's response side. The bot just displays the corresponding message for the chosen options. and only the typed messages are displayed on the user's side of the interaction in the chat column.

    Below I have attached a sample of my code.

    Kindly help me on the same to proceed with the ODA  development. 

    Thanks in Advance.


    Code Snippet: