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    Christine Pritchard
    Oracle report development methodology
    Topic posted July 9, 2019 by Christine PritchardGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, OTBI, Public Sector, Reports, Tip 
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    Oracle report development methodology
    Looking to see if there is a suggested report development methodology for use across Oracle reporting tools

    Using HCM & ERP and wondering if there is a recommended report development approach that includes report business/functional & technical specification templates, specifically aimed at the different Oracle reporting tools available

    Many Thanks





    • ravikiran goda

      Hi Christine,

      Can you please elaborate more on your requirement

      Are you looking for templates for gathering business/functional & technical specification  for creating reports?




      • Christine Pritchard
        Hi Ravi
        templates for gathering business/functional & technical specification  for creating reports is exactly what I am looking for along with best practise approach to use the Oracle reporting tools to deliver a report based on the spec. I am looking for the recommended best practise approach/methodology to use for Oracle reporting if there is one or has someone found a tried and test one for themselves
        Many Thanks
    • Mark daynes

      Hi Christine,

      The "along with best practise approach to use the Oracle reporting tools to deliver a report based on the spec" is something we normally do in a number of stages.  The first being to perform an 'art of the possible' session with the stakeholders to let them understand the capabilities of the various tools (analytic on a dashboard, briefing book, a bursting BI Publisher report, Data Viz - if using OAC too, etc) and then to publish a flow diagram to help people to ask questions to decide the ultimate delivery tool based on the consumers and purpose (e.g. is this requirement really a 'static report' that is distributed electronically externally, is this requiement best met as an analytic on a dashboard - and who is going to be building it .... IT ... reporting hub ... citizen developer ... which is ultimately defined as part of the govrnance process.

      I also find it key to really challenge the requirements as the 'I need a report to show invoices on hold' may be better as exception tiles on a dashbaord which deep link back in to the SaaS system auto querying the invoice allowing someone to take immediate action.