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    Natraj Buddi
    Unable to Save New Contact in CPM through Custom ScriptAnswered
    Topic posted June 24, 2016 by Natraj BuddiBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Unable to Save New Contact in CPM through Custom Script

    Hi All,

    I am trying to Create new contact from CPM by simple Custom Script, i am just hard coding all field values and saving the record.Not getting any error , but could not able to see my new contact in database.I mean when i search for my contact record not found.

    Can any one help me please..





    i am using Feb 2016 version
    Code Snippet:

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    Mark Rhoads

    Running a test in the Process Designer does not allow anything to be committed to the database, even if the script contains a commit.

    To actually test, you'll have to put code in the test harness to test the expected outcomes for the various circumstances that you expect your handler to work with.



    • Dietrik

      For importing a csv file with contacts there's the import wizard.

    • Natraj Buddi

      Hi Dietrik,,

      Import is not for contacts, trying to import custom object records which are not available in Import Wizard.





    • Dietrik

      Custom objects are also supported by the import wizard.

    • Mark Rhoads

      The OSvC server should not be used as an integration platform.

      Importing from files via server-side PHP is strongly discouraged.

      Instead, use CWS/S to get such data into OSvC.

      If it is possible to write code that can hit a CP page to fire off some PHP, then it should be possible to instead process the CSV file directly from that code and use CWS/S to import the data into OSvC.  That is, if for some reason using the data importer is not an option.