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    Dishant Dalal
    Oracle PPM to Oracle Planning (EPBCS) IntegrationAnswered
    Topic posted August 26, 2019 by Dishant DalalRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Financial Planning, PBCS, Planning, Projects, SmartView, Tip 
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    Oracle PPM to Oracle Planning (EPBCS) Integration
    Request for best practices Integrating PPM with EPBCS


    Has anyone integrated PPM with EPBCS? What methods have you used to achieve full automation? We have reviewed the White Paper (Linked below) regarding this integration posted by Oracle in 2018, but we want to explore all our options and find the best way to automate this process. 

    Also curious to learn about any connectors that Oracle may have for this integration in the near future.

    White Paper Link:


    Dishant Dalal


    Best Comment

    Muthu Ranganathan

    We are planning this in our short term roadmap  - maybe in 4-6 months from now. Safe harbor applies. 

    I would like to know more on this integration use case - can you share more here, create an idea lab entry with more details (there is one similar idea already there for this - you can add to it) or send me an email offline (



    • Mark Rinaldi

      I'll let the community respond but, Safe Harbor, we have direct PPM to Projects integration on our roadmap as an out-of-box offering.  Sorry it isn't ready now to help you but it is entirely possible to build out the extract from PPM and then load with Data Management.

      • Dishant Dalal

        Thank you Mark. I do remember you stating that it is on your roadmap. Do you know what release/quarter you are aiming to release this integration? As you may remember, our project has a partial go-live in April 2020, but a full go-live in January 2021, so just wondering if we can anticipate a release on this anytime before our go-live dates. 

        On another note, the whitepaper provides good tips, but I am inquiring if someone has achieved full automation and would like to know what tools/methods they used. We are expecting data nightly so I am also interested in learning about what scheduling tools people  have used. 

        • Muthu Ranganathan

          We are planning this in our short term roadmap  - maybe in 4-6 months from now. Safe harbor applies. 

          I would like to know more on this integration use case - can you share more here, create an idea lab entry with more details (there is one similar idea already there for this - you can add to it) or send me an email offline (

          • Dishant Dalal

            Hi Muthu- 

            Thanks for your response.

            This would be very helpful for us.

            We would like to get project headers, discrete project info and programmatic project info into Oracle Planning from Oracle Projects (PPM). At this point our hypothesis is to use an Oracle OTBI reports and then use OICS to get data from ERP into EPM. However we have not done a proof of concept for this approach. Ideally, we would like a connector to Oracle Projects so we can pull that data into Oracle Planning without having the data go through so many hoops. I did see the idea lab request below, I went ahead and voted for it. 

            We have multiple releases for our effort. The first release is April 2020. We think for this release, the connector will be out of scope, however for future releases we look forward to using the connector if it meets the requirements. 



    • Navan Mehra

      We have done the following for one of our clients:

      1. OTBI extracts to export metadata and data from Projects module as flat files

      2. Data Management layer to push the data into PBCS application

      3. The extracts run overnight and automation managed using EPM Automate

      Until you have a direct integration, flat file would be your best bet for Data. With the recent update to consume external web services, we are now using Groovy to update our metadata. We are doing this to import some of the procurement related stuff from cloud ERP, but you can also explore it for PPM if the web services are available (i guess there are). Unless you can think of splitting your data sets into really small chunks, I would not recommend pulling data via web services, but it all depends on the volume and how your application is structured. You might explore this option if you have groovy.

      So far, the experience to build metadata using Groovy has been awesome and saves a lot of time, no dependency on file extracts and exchange of files and can be executed on demand.

      • Dishant Dalal
        Hi Navan- Thank you for your response. Few follow-up questions: Where do you have EPM automate installed? What scheduling tool are you using to run the job overnight? How do you write the flat file to the data management layer?
        • Navan Mehra

          1. EPM Automate server is installed on one of the VMs

          2. We use Windows Task scheduler to schedule jobs for overnight. But you can use any scheduling tool

          3. Cloud ERP would drop it in SFTP location and files are then moved to an identified folder on EPM Automate server. We have written batch scripts to call EPM Automate commands. These batches would pick up the file from the drop location and upload it to Data Management inbox folder. A data rule is triggered which consumes this file and loads to cube

          • Dishant Dalal

            Thank you Navan. This is exactly the thought process we have, however we are trying to explore a way to avoid bringing an ERP cloud file, down to an on-premise VM, just to then send it back to Oracle EPM cloud. 

            Do you know of a way to write the file directly to the data management staging location in the cloud, to avoid bringing the file back to an on-premise environment, just to then upload it back to the Oracle EPM cloud? 

            If there is no current way, then that is the option we will have to run with. However, I am still waiting to see if Mark can assist us with a date for the PPM to EPM Connector release, to see if it is something we can put on our project road map.

            • Navan Mehra

              Not sure, but I guess Integration cloud service has adapters for both ERP cloud and PBCS. You can explore this if you can subscribe to this service. I have not tried but integration cloud also helps you manage the automation schedule too.

              Or if any third party integration service have Oracle Cloud ERP adapters, I am not sure. But that could be other possible way to skip file exchange.

    • Ravi Kurani

      In my current project we have PPM data required to be loaded to EPBCS and we are trying to use OICS to facilitate the load. The customer wants a full cloud solution and don't want EPM Automate which is on-premise. Is OICS capable of doing everything which EPM Automate does?



      • Dishant Dalal

        Hi Ravi-

        OICS will not be possible. OICS does not have EPM connectors.

        What may help is a new connector that Oracle released for the October release. We are in the process of working with Oracle to get this connector working, as we have some issues with it, but it is worth a shot. 

        Let me know if you figure out the full process before we do :). See links below.


        Release Notes:


        More Info:




        • Ravi Kurani

          Hi Dishant,

          We are running a POC to test if we can load via OICS. We have managed to do the following:

          - Connect to EPBCS from OICS

          - Update Subs Variables

          - Import Data

          - Struggling to upload the file

          - Run calculation rules

          - Send email notification

          The connector we used didn't say EPM or EPBCS but we put the EPBCS URL and probably domain and were able to establish connection.


          Many Thanks,

          • Anthony Dodds

            So yes you can use OICS - we have used it last year as part of a POC for a customer. It should be able to carryout what ever EPM Automate can as it uses APIs as far as I can remember.

            Looks like you are able to do most things. Are you struggling with the upload of the file due to it wanting the file source to come from a local directory?

            Also - have you see this from Oracle oracle are providing some free cloud so you can run EPMAutomate in the cloud