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    Anil Nair
    Purchase Requisition rejection message
    Topic posted April 14, 2019 by Anil NairBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Agreement Loader, Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Requisition Processing, Setup, Update Preparer and Requester, White Paper 
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    Purchase Requisition rejection message
    Purchase Requisition rejection message

    We have a client requirement to auto-reject requisitions without agreements (CPA/BPA) and the notification should have a predefined rejection message stating the reason the requisition was rejected.By design all notifications have comments section and generally expects the user to enter the rejection reason, but since this is system generated rejection, we want the reason to be predefined.

    Kindly advise how this can be implemented.




    • Ashok

      The approvals whitepaper should have the attribute you can use to define the rule.  I assume you are familiar with the whitepaper and the attribute (Agreement). The rejection reason as you have indicated is predefined. There is not a way currently to implement what you are asking.

    • Sunil


      Use the condition Attribute 'Agreement' & Operator 'is not blank' with the action type 'Automatic' & Set outcome to ' Reject' to auto reject the Requisitions which are not from Catalog.

      Attached a screenshot and the Whitepaper on the approvals for your reference.

      Thank you,