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    Antero Makinen
    Filling survey only once in a while or in the beginning of...
    Topic posted February 8, 2019 by Antero Makinen, tagged Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    Filling survey only once in a while or in the beginning of day

    Hey everyone!

    We have a safety survey that is filled in the beginning of every activity. It is losing its meaning and power, because technicians' are getting bored by the survey and just quickly click through the whole survey.

    Is there a way to randomize the Form to be asked only once in a while, for example every 5th activity? Or maybe even only in the beginning of the technician's day (Can I add it to "activate route" -action)? 

    Is there something the upcoming Forms & Plugins feature could help us with?

    Thanks in advance!






    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Antero,

      You can control how a field (plugin and form also) is appear on the technician screen or not (I mean with visibility), and as the parameter you can use "position_in_route" for selecting technician's first activity for a day.
      As for forms, you're able to make different surveys (for randomizing questions reason). The big question is, how to select only one to show from them. Maybe you're able to make a tricky visibility condition for example if the "date" field contains "-01" and "-05" and "-10" and "-15" and "-20" and "-25" and "-30" then show Survey01, if "-02" and "-06"... and so on.
      In the best scenario, the technicians will see only one survey in every day just on their first activity and I hope no one will memorize four different lists just to fill it faster. If they will, then you can increase the versions amount.