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    Sathyaseelan Chandran
    BAI2 Process AutomationAnswered
    Topic posted August 20, 2019 by Sathyaseelan ChandranRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cash Management, Payables 
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    BAI2 Process Automation
    BAI2 Process Automation


    Is there an feasibility to do setup in application to automate the BAI2 file processing the same way we used to do for Credit Card and Amex card processing.

    At present, we are following the Load File interface job to load the BAI2 file into UCM server and processing the same. The other way is to call webservice to perform the task.

    We need to automate the process, Bank will directly place the file in UCM and oracle job will process the BAI2 file.

    For credit card processing we have a setup in place in which we will provided the external directory URL with the folder structure of the physical file location along with the login credentials. Through which the oracle will pull the file to be processed from the external directory.

    Similar approach we need to accomplish for BAI2 file process.




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    Logan Wacker

    This is already possible. Why aren't you setting up the FTP or SFTP transmission from cloud to your bank to go retrieve the current or prior day files?



    • Logan Wacker

      This is already possible. Why aren't you setting up the FTP or SFTP transmission from cloud to your bank to go retrieve the current or prior day files?

    • Swapnil Nagvekar

      Hi, Refer: Automatic Bank Statement File Import for Cash Management Cloud Service (Doc ID 2109691.1)



    • Ashok Nayak

      Hi Sathyseelan,

      Yes you can automate the complete Bank Recon Process starting from the loading the files to reconcile statement.


      Automatic Bank Statement File Import

      Use the payment transmission configuration feature to automate the bank statement file import process. The process uses the payments transmission feature to connect to bank and download the bank statement file for subsequent processing and loading into the application.

      Perform the following steps to set up automatic bank statement file import:

      1. Set up Payment System: Represents the financial institute or bank in Oracle Fusion Payments. For customers who access Oracle Fusion Applications through Oracle Public Cloud and other implementations, navigate to the Manage Payments System page from Setup and Maintenance to create a payment system.

      2. Set up Transmission Configuration: Contains the connectivity details for the financial institute or bank. This connectivity information is provided by the bank. The following protocols are supported for connecting and retrieving a file from bank server:

        • Secure File Transfer Retrieval Protocol for Static File Names (SFTP_GET): The bank provides the SFTP server details including SFTP server host/ip, port, credential details. Before using this protocol, you must log a service request with Oracle Support and provide the SFTP connectivity details. The SFTP_GET protocol currently supports only basic user name and password based authentication.

        • Http(s) GET Request: The bank provides the SSL enabled destination URL for connecting and retrieving the statement files. This URL can have authentication enabled. The HTTPS_GET protocol supports https connection but doesn't support the exchange of any dynamic tokens.

      3. Schedule Process Electronic Bank Statement Request: The process performs the following tasks:

        • Connects to the bank and retrieves the banks statement file

        • Processes and loads the bank statement file into the application