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    Neha Turrey
    CX Rule Output Alignment
    Topic posted April 25, 2019 by Neha TurreyGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Configurator, Public Sector 
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    CX Rule Output Alignment
    CX Rule Output Alignment

    Hi All,

    I am  trying to print the output of extension rule in Transactional Item Attribute.

    But I am unable to print the data in aligned format.

    Right now it is getting printed like this:-

    Total Weight : 45 kg
    Torque  : ABB
    Power : 45 KW
    But I want to print like this:-
    Total Weight : 45 kg
    Torque          : ABB
    Power           : 45 KW
    Is there any way to do this .?
    Thanks in advance.



    • Al Satchu

      Can you clarify what you mean by "print"?

      Are you trying to send the output to a printer or is this for display on screen in a TIA or something else?

      Thanks, Al.

      • Neha Turrey

        Hi Al,

        Basically I am trying to display this data in TIA which later on is going to be used in Report.

        So , it will be stored in one of the column of table  and from there I will capture that column value to get this report printed.

        So the client wants this data to be printed in aligned format in TIA itself as making changes to  single column values is not possible

        Hope this will give you better picture of my issue.

        If required more information, kindly post.

        Thanks in advance.


        Neha Turrey

    • Mahmoud Esmaili

      Have you tried the \t character when constructing the TIA value?

      Example: Some text\tSome more Text

      • Neha Turrey


         Yes I tried  \t but somehow its not working.



        • Mahmoud Esmaili

          OK I see.  In a text TIA you can put in any text you'd like and interpret/format it in your report.  Unfortunately, there is no formatting capability with a text TIA to give the desired look.