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    David Cesteros
    Wrong accounting calendar using Rapid Implementation...Answered
    Topic posted February 24, 2016 by David CesterosRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged General Ledger 
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    Wrong accounting calendar using Rapid Implementation template
    Accounting calendar is not created as expected

    I´m trying to use Rapid implentation template

    As Fiscal Year Start Date we entered 09/01/2010, with date format MM/dd/yyyy, (01-SEP-2010)


    When the calendar is created automatically in the system, Start date is 1/9/10 (09-JAN-2010), instead of  01-SEP-2010 and besides the first period is in year 2011 (09-JAN- 11) instead of 2010

    Why this is happening?

    Is possible to change manually in the system?


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    Uma Pachipala

    You got to be careful with spreadsheet date formats. They all not adhering to single date format. 

    And also don;t think one can add periods retrospectively.