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    OCI Load balancer - Private & Public network
    Topic posted July 23, 2018 by Aknarayanan Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Cloud at Customer, Compute, Engineered Systems, Terraform, Virtual Cloud Network 
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    OCI Load balancer - Private & Public network

    I have one question regarding OCI Public load balancer. if I create a Load  balancer in the Public subnet and then there should be one Public IP associated with the Load balancer and we can access the Load balancer from the Internet. this is my understanding.

    so my questions is , if I have few OCI compute instance running with in the same VCN where load balancer resides and if they want to talk to load balancer [assuming they are in the same subnet] then should all the traffic go through internet or can they talk each other using the private network of the same VCN?






    • Remya Valappil


      From my understanding of your posted scenario, yes the compute instances can talk to each other via the private network of the VCN. They do not have to go via Load Balancer to communicate to each other. 

      A good way to use that Load Balancer is when you want to expose an application that has been hosted in the internal network. Please refer these links for more details:




    • Robin Chatterjee

      If they talk to the load balancer then they have to talk to the public ip address of the load balancer which means they will traverse the internet gateway though the traffic will probably directly route to the public interface of the LB and not traverse the internet per se.

      your question is ambiguous since you have asked 1."if they want to talk to load balancer"  and 2. "can they talk each other using the private network"

      These are differnt requirements

      in case of 1 it does go through the IG or DRG . In case of 2 this is not necessary.


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    • Sherin Chandy

      Communication between resources within a VCN uses the VCN's private network even though public IP used to communicate between them. Reference: