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    Kim Puls
    AR reconciliation to PPM and Aging Buckets
    Topic posted December 17, 2018 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Financials, General Ledger, OTBI, Period Close / Reconciliation, Receivables, Revenue Management 
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    AR reconciliation to PPM and Aging Buckets
    looking for others who use AR & PPM

    I'm trying to help our functional leads reconcile their AR to PPM and understand the aging buckets. We are on R13-18C and have really yet grasped the AR module to the extent that we can fully map out and explain/demonstrate it fully. If there is anyone who has great notes or an Oracle white paper...I'd love to see them if you don't mind sharing.

    Thanks - Kim

    University of Wyoming



    • Felix Beaudoin

      Hey Kim!
      Not quite sure what you are asking here. Can you please clarify?
      AR to GL Reconciliation is basically the only report that you run at month-end to confirm if you have any outstanding AR activities to complete before closing the period.
      You run the "Prepare AR to GL Reconciliation" process and then navigate to "Receivables -> Accounts Receivables -> AR to GL Reconciliation Report".
      This report contains all transactions and activities which impact your AR accounts and you can drill-down to view more details related to these.
      Alternatively, the OTBI dashboards for AR can provide you some great flexibility on reporting especially if you are using a common attribute/transaction type for your PPM AR activities.
      Let me know if this points your in some direction and feel-free to ask more questions.

      • Kim Puls

        Felix, thank you. I will check with the functional lead and get back to you. I think, for the most part, we are trying to get a grasp on the aging bucket report and some of the figures don't seem to make sense to us. We are trying to figure out how to validate this report...see if the report is working properly or if we have the correct data.


        • Felix Beaudoin

          Sounds good, thanks for the update Kim! Aging report works according to your collections configuration but my best advice to validate if the output is correct is to compare the buckets with the "Review Customer Accounts" section in either the Billing or Accounts Receivable area. You can easily filter-out on the outstanding balances of each customer to compare with the aging report.