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    Scott Heidenreich
    Incident Reference No and date created upon submit
    Topic posted May 15, 2018 by Scott HeidenreichBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Incident Reference No and date created upon submit


    We are using OPA to allow our users to submit grant applications.  It all works great, except when the form is being generated with the submit button click, it is saved as an attachment in OSvC but doesn't have the Incident Reference No nor the create data/time.  Is there any way to get OPA to assign the reference no and data/time of the incident being created so that it will show up in the PDF that the hub is generating?




    • Scott Berry

      Within a single interview with a Create Incident scenario, not cleanly. The generated PDF is bundled up in the submit request, so it only contains the field values at the point when the Submit button is clicked.

      The legacy behaviour of the OSvC connector means that creating a second submit screen in an interview that was configured to Create an incident will cause the second Submit to create a second incident, so if you were to load after submit the ID, then resubmit, the PDF would get attached to a different incident with a different ID to the one in the PDF! don't do this

      If you absolutely must have the new ID in the PDF, there are two clunky options (that I can think of): is to redirect the user (NOTE: similar problem if you try and apply the redirect to the submit button in that the redirect URL needs to know the incident ID at the time it's clicked, so it needs to be after the submit screen) to a second interview which updates the incident. This could just be a single screen interview which loads in all the field values you want when generating the PDF, but because it is an update scenario the PDF is attached to the correct object. The other alternative would be on the final screen (after the Submit screen) provide link to generate the PDF lets the user download then manually attach the PDF to the incident.

    • Scott Heidenreich

      Thank you for the creative approaches to try and achieve this.  We hold a very high premium on a seamless and simple user experience, so making the user do anything twice will be avoided.  I'm already providing the user with a Final Application page after the submit button so they can download a copy of the application for the user's own records.  However, the copy they download will be slightly different than the submitted copy that we make decision on - as the reference number and data/time stamp will not be in our agency's copy.  There is value in having the same version in both places, but not to the level necessary that I would want the user to have to submit and then update.

      The best solution for us would be if OPA could Ping OSVC to create the incident retrieve the reference number and date/time stamp, then create the package and send it to the incident record.

    • Fiona Guy

      Yes, totally understand. We do have this on our feature backlog. The first piece of work for this is actually done; we needed to allow the policy modeler to be able to configure the name of the document, including using date/time created, which we added support for in the OPA 17D (November 2017) release. The ability to optionally use the ID of the new record in the name is still on our backlog (our ref OZ-10356). I've given it a nudge upwards, following your feedback :-)

    • Scott Heidenreich

      Thank you!  Being able to use the info to rename the attachment is great, even better is being able to use an attribute inside the form that has the incident reference number and date/time stamp of the incident being created so that the agent sees it when the PDF is open as one of the fields in the application form itself.

      I appreciate the enhancements!  OPA/OSvC is a really important part of what we are doing to serve our citizens and regulated community better.