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    Jason Schwartz
    Audit Related: Last Logon Session
    Topic posted February 17, 2017 by Jason SchwartzRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Fusion, OTBI, Reports, Setup/Administration 
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    Audit Related: Last Logon Session
    Last LogOn Session: Looking for a audit related report that shows last time accessing Oracle

    I am able to query HCM related tables (such as per_users) to find data necessary for audit - which provides information when a new user was created, termed and if the user is Enabled/Disabled - along with roles.

    However, I am trying to find when was the last time a user logged into Oracle Fusion Cloud.  I have limited experience querying for this particular data and Audit Reports icon available.  But this appears to be associated with Events of inserting/deleting an object.

    I believed that the information was in FND_Sessions table (see below), but this seems to hold the data for approximately 1 week.


    Select user_name, max(last_connect) from FND_Sessions where user_name like '' group by user_name


    Any thoughts?  (It's Audit Season!)

    Thank you.