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    Self Service Procurement Cloud New Features in Release 13
    Topic posted January 16, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged How-To 
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    Self Service Procurement Cloud New Features in Release 13
    Mass Cancellation of Requisitions via Spreadsheet

    Did you know:

    We now allow users to cancel multiple requisitions via a spreadsheet. You can select multiple requisitions using a spreadsheet by filtering with different criteria like Preparer, Requisition status, Budget Date, Project information etc.

    To enable this, you should first assign the privilege  'Cancel Requisition Line in Spreadsheet'  to a user. Note that this privilege is not assigned to any users out of the box. You also need to download ADI Desktop Integrator to use this feature. On completion of this process, the system will alert you on rows that were successfully processed and those that failed.

    Below is a screenshot of the Cancel criteria that is available to select the appropriate set of requisitions.

    image2017-11-24 11:22:49.png