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    Debojyoti Saha
    Providing Run time parameter in Process Automation Types...
    Topic posted October 3, 2019 by Debojyoti SahaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Task Manager 
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    Providing Run time parameter in Process Automation Types task in Task Manager

    Hi All,

    Is there a way End user can enter Run time parameter in Process Automation Types task( like Run Consolidation or Run Business  rule) in Task Manager. As per FCCS admin guide this task will be prompting end user to enter parameters while running the tasks. I am not getting the option. Only way to set these parameters up is during task creation or during Schedule creation. Please, let me know what I am missing.





    • Tom LeFebvre

      You can add the automated task to the schedule without the parameters.  There will be a warning that the parameters are missing.  When the task starts, the service will send a notification to the task owner stating that the task parameters are missing.  The task owner must then enter the task parameters in order for the task to execute.