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    Mohanish Mahajan
    How to turn off pricing in OM
    Topic posted June 29, 2018 by Mohanish MahajanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Order Management, SCM 
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    How to turn off pricing in OM
    We want to turn off the pricing feature in Oracle order management

    Hello OM experts !!

    In our implementation, we have following simplest requirements for pricing -

    1) Sales order currency should default as the ledger currency of the BU.  There are total 8 business units with 5 different currencies.

    2) Price on the line should be zero and will always be manually entered by the users. 

    To achieve these simple requirements, we believe any pricing configuration (price list, strategies, currency conversion lists etc) should not be required. Therefore we want to turn off the pricing completely and avoid these setups. Is there a way to achieve it. I tried to turn off the feature 'Pricing' in the OM offering, but it has no effect. Please let me know how this can be achieved ?

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    • Shyam Singh Patel

      Hi Mohanish,

      there is no way to completely off the Pricing from Order management. you have 2 choices.
      Create 1 Price list with all Items as $1

      1. Order coming from an external system with pre-price using web service you must pass " <ord:FreezePriceFlag>true</ord:FreezePriceFlag>"
          If you put FreezePriceFlag set as TRUE then you cannot modify the price in the cloud  we have tested this in R13.18.02 and  it seems a bug
          If you put FreezePriceFlag set as FALSE then pricing engine will not read the web service order charge and charge a component price and it will read the only cloud define price list value.

      2. you have to define price list, strategies, currency conversion lists etc with a global pricing segment. you must define BU based Pricing Strategy to derive the LE currency
      Different Price Strategy For Different Business Unit (Doc ID 2222674.1)  
      After Item Price Add / Update In Advanced Pricing Not Reflecting Immediately In Cloud SO Line (Doc ID 2263962.1)




      Please see following Metalink Note ID for all in One solutions
      Oracle Cloud and E-Business : All In One Metalink Note ID's

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      • Mohanish Mahajan

        Hi Shyam,

        Thanks for your response. We are only orders from any system. All orders will be created manually in the application. We defined 1 price list and 1 strategy, and then used a pre-transformation rule to default the sales order currency to the BU specific currency. This way we want to avoid creating multiple price lists/strategies and conversion lists. Many thanks  for your help.



    • Yousif Badawi

      Is there any workaround for this yet? We import items using File-Import with Sales Price filled with a 0.01 dummy amount yet, the Sales Price in OM came blank and not editable. Thanks!