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    Julie Bullock
    Payroll Integration with PPM
    Topic posted August 22, 2019 by Julie BullockGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Payroll Integration with PPM
    Have the need for project related payroll and benefit costs to account to a clearing account.

    Client is using Kronos which will interface to Cloud Payroll.  The journal entry to GL needs to default all project related transactions to one clearing account, because we will then interface the payroll for project transactions to PPM. We also need benefits to follow where the time has been charged.  So 50/50 time charged to a gl account and a project. Has anyone used payroll and PPM without OTL and has ideas on how to do this? 





    • Dave McKenna

      Hi Julie

      As far as I am aware there is currently no way to interface payroll actuals into PPM (there is an enhancement request) even if you have OTL.

      Got round this on a previous client by capturing time and cost infomation and then calculating the costs to be apportioned to each project and creating a project journal in essence doing as you suggested putting everything into a control account at payroll time then reducing balance with the journal.

      We did use OTL to capture the hours to allow us to do the calcualtions in the model.  Guess as long as you have the hours somewhere you could do the same calcs without OTL.

      Having the abiity to transfer payroll actuals is a feature that my last two clients have wanted so hoping this enhancement comes soon.

      • Julie Bullock

        Dave - yes, you are right that the functionality doesn't exist yet and an interface needs to be created.  I think the issue they are having in HCM is on the costing and the elements, and someone had mentioned needing to use information elements. The project is not part of the chart of accounts here. 

        The good news is that the interface is on the roadmap, hopefully sooner rather than later, and along with that the ability to have multi-funding in OTL so that clients using Grants can take advantage of OTL.

        Thank you!

        • Dave McKenna

          Julie - thanks for that we are planning on using OTL and grants on my current project , are you saying in essence there is no way to surface the Award number in OTL?  Have you seen any workaround for this?

          Did find this note.

          Fusion Time and Labor: Enhancement Request - Error When Saving/submitting A Timecard for Multi-Funding Projects (Doc ID 2412215.1

          • Julie Bullock

            Dave - I haven't been in OTL in years, however, have you looked at possibly changing the layout and adding an additional field? The problem is there would be no validation, but if you added a field for contract and/or funding source...whatever you needed, and created it so it would accept any value that might work temporarily.  I suppose you could create a value set with actual data, but again there would be no validation between the entered project and task. My client is using Kronos, so we are able to provide the contract and funding source to the payroll costing flexfields that correspond to those values.  Once we come up with a solution at my current client, I will post the solution.  We also need the benefits to follow the time, so that is an added complexity.


          • Julie Bullock

            Dave -

            Please make sure to add your client to the enhancement request. 


            • Dustin Grabowski

              The ability to enter time cards against sponsored projects including the Contract/Award and Funding Source attributes is will be delivered in an upcoming release within the next 12 months.  Please note that support is for the existing flow of time cards coming directly into PPM and standard rates applied via rate schedules and/or overrides.   Support for project related time cards flowing through Payroll for costing purposes, or having cost rates applied based on actual payroll costs, are on the roadmap but not planned for a specific release.