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    Jean-Pierre Dijcks
    Cloudera 6 released - when will we have it on BDCS/BDCC &...
    Topic posted August 31, 2018 by Jean-Pierre DijcksSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Big Data Appliance, Data Management, Hadoop, Spark, SQL 
    Cloudera 6 released - when will we have it on BDCS/BDCC & BDA
    Quick update on Cloudera 6 on BDCS and BDA as well as BDCC

    With the release of C6 on August 30th, we are now working towards releasing this on the Oracle Big Data stack (cloud and on-premises).

    We did want to ensure that we communicate some of the important functionality bits and when what would arrive, purely based on the Cloudera schedule:

    (1) The current 6.0 version does not really support Erasure Coding yet. This is because, while the HDFS service supports it, the query engines are not yet running on Erasure Coding. Consequently, you will only be able to do some testing with Erasure coding in terms of cold storage or experimenting with the sizes and reduction in sizes you could achieve. Erasure coding will arrive fully in C6.1.

    (2) Almost all major components in C6 will do a major version uptick. So, rather then wait for C6.1, Oracle will uptake 6.0.1 on BDA, which will enable our customers to move to these newer versions of the components and make use of the new functionality asap on the Oracle Big Data platforms. This will include an upgrade from 5.x to 6.0.1.

    Stay tuned for a more formal update with details on migration, versions, dates etc. which we will post here and on our blog in the next week or so.