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    Thibaud Blondin
    Do Not Send Email Receipt Message
    Topic posted January 10, 2019 by Thibaud BlondinBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Do Not Send Email Receipt Message
    What is the behavior of the 'Do Not Send Email Receipt Message' action in business rules engine

    Hello all,

    I'm working with scripts and business rules to manage the sending of the receipt notification.

    I would appreciate to get some explanation on the behavior of the 'Do Not Send Email Receipt Message' and 'Send Email Receipt Message' but could not find any in the documentations.

    My point is that once you've triggered the 'Do Not Send Email Receipt Message', the 'Send Email Receipt Message' won't work anymore. Also if you disable the notifications in the 'message templates' tool, the 'Send Email Receipt Message' won't work too.

    I would also like to know if it is possible to do the same actions in the PHP API...

    Anyway, I find those actions confusing as their behavior is not very explicit. Did any of you guys had the same trouble and/or investigate on those?



    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      The setting is used to avoid sending question receipts ("Thank you for your message").
      I use this setting when clients do not want their own domain to receive any messages from OSVC when they email an incident into the system.

      Send email receipt would work in the same way, specifying you would like to send a question receipt.

      They both work but probably not within the same rule as they would cancel eachother out.
      I believe this can also be achieved through API but this would only be required when performing some kind of implemantation. Out of the box is always better as it doesn't get depreciated in the same way API does.

      For documentation see:

      How can we exclude some contacts from receiving the Question Receipt?

    • Thibaud Blondin

      Hi Sebastiaan,

      Thanks for your fast answer.

      I understand the functional behavior of those actions but for my needs I'll like to have a deeper technical understanding of those.

      My need is to analyse the 'CC: ' field in the header of a mail (at the case creation from techmail), and stop the sending of the question receipt message depending of what we have in this 'CC: ' field.

      The analysis is quite complex so it must be done through a script. My question was if those actions use a field that I could manually change in the script, but no documentation explain where this 'do not send email receipt' info is stored.

      I guess it is linked to the commit, i.e once the incident is created, the commit trigger the execution of the rules and the 'do not send email receipt' is only stored for this business rules execution. As we can trigger scripts from business rules, I'm in search of a way to access this information.



    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      The CC field is exposed in the BR through the email header and you are able to use a regular expression here.
      I personally have always been able to do everything with a regular expression (up to 255 characers) or by combining multiple regex in multiple IF conditions.

    • Thibaud Blondin

      I tried this implementation too and it works well !

      But I need to compare the CC field to a custom table that is used to store mailboxes and routing information (we have x mailboxes redirecting to the custhelp mailboxe and routing is done following the original recipient).

      Using the regular expression means I'll need to add all the mailboxes in the regex, this can be done but it is not really easy to maintain (we may have dozens or hundreds of mailboxes), so we are looking for a more elegant way to do... That's why the header parsing is done through a script.

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Ok if this has to be compared to a custom table than things change a bit :-)

      Not sure how your table looks like and the size of it but you could work with a custom field or system variable. I do not believe the question receipt is exposed through API (I didn't find it in the technical documentation)

      If it's mailboxes (I don't know how many) you would be able to place them in a system variable. The system variable is available through API and can be checked through BR, not compared... You may be able to compare them through API and work with a custom process

      Unfortunately my knowledge on API and custom processes is limited so I don't think I will be able to assist you any further here.
      Sorry about that...