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    Sylvain Lemay CPA CA
    Receipts batches for creating receipt
    Topic posted September 17, 2019 by Sylvain Lemay CPA CAGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Collections, Receivables, Tip, User Interface 
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    Receipts batches for creating receipt
    We would want to enter receipt in batch but there is no UI we need to use the create receipt from spreadsheet


    We want to use receipt batches but it seems that we need to  create the batch using the Create Receipt using spreadhseet and after creation we can enter the receipt in the Oracle UI

    There does not seem to have any Batch UI within AR cloud

    Any suggestion or ways other that the create receipt through spreadheet to improve rapidity and remove the number of clicks to enter receipts?

    For misceleanous receipt is there a AFDI or FBDI? 







    • Ajay Tadakamadala

      Currently, to create receipt batch, option is to use "Create Receipt using spreadhseet" feature.

      You can also try REST API as per below document to create receipt batches.

      REST API - Sample Payloads for Create Standard Receipt and Create Receipt Batch (Doc ID 2514002.1)

      For Misc receipt, there is no ADFDI or FBDI. However you can try using webservices.