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    Nagaraj VinayakaRao
    PO CLOSE SCHEDULE has a limitation of 5000 schedules (or...
    Topic posted October 31, 2019 by Nagaraj VinayakaRaoGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Orders 
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    PO CLOSE SCHEDULE has a limitation of 5000 schedules (or lines) in the spreadsheet.
    PO CLOSE SCHEDULE has a limitation of only 5000 schedules (or lines) in the spreadsheet. Clients in Retail industry have more than 5000 PO schedules to action on. Why this restriction?

    Ability to close/Final close POs  through a spreadsheet is available in Fusion R13. CLOSE SCHEDULE SPREADSHEET has a limitation of 5000 schedules (or lines)  to action on in the spreadsheet. Clients in Retail industry have more than 5000 PO schedules to download and action on them.  Want to know WHY oracle has limited it to only 5000 lines? Why this restriction?

    As per Oracle help, there are options to create smaller batches of less than 5000 lines by selecting different criteria. However, downloading POs at one go and then action on them in the same spreadsheet would be easier to manage than to create multiple batches.



    • Nitin Katare

      ADFDi itself has no additional limitations than what Excel has (1 million rows), but the different product implementations of ADFDi have its own certified limit. The "Close Purchase Order Schedules Using a Spreadsheet" feature (using ADFDi) in purchasing is certified for 5000 rows. Many products certify up to 5000 rows, but there is no 1 limit for all products - certified limits are based on performance due to the complexity of the business logic and is dependent on the product.

      • Nagaraj VinayakaRao

        Thanks Nitin. ER 27843777 logged to provide additional filters for this program. At status 22. Any idea when this fix will be released?

        • Nitin Katare

          Don't have a further update as of this time, will update once we have more information.

          • Pawan Gadade

            Hi Nitin,

            Good Day!

            We are facing this issue for longer time. At current stage this task is not able to proceed 1 day records (which is much less then the current capacity i.e. 5000 records)
            Could you please let us know if 20 A patch will resolve the issue and will work on at least 1 day records so we can run this task multiple times.


    • Pawan Gadade

      Hi Nitin,

      Good Day!

      For SR Number "SR 3-20656148211", could you please provide any update on this enhancement request.



      • Nitin Katare

        Hi Pawan

        Is the ask to process 300,000 PO schedules from closed to finally closed?

        If yes, I don't think this will be something that is supported. ADFDi is certified for up to 5000 PO schedules to be processed at a time. Are you having trouble with processing 5000 PO schedules?

        I am checking with development on the fix being referenced in the SR meanwhile.




      • Swati Gupta

        Hi Pawan,

        Please confirm that you are talking about patch for bug fix 29368899 (which is not an enhancement request) to be released in 20A.